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Dessert Menu

Chocolate-Raspberry Mousse Cake

Chocolate mousse and raspberries with layers of chocolate cake
$26 (6-in.), $42 (8-in.), $60 (10-in.)

Crème Brûlée Cake

Vanilla cake, flavored with caramel syrup and filled with rich, vanilla custard. Topped with a brittle layer of caramelized sugar
$26 (6-in.), $42 (8-in.), $60 (10-in.)

German Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake with pecan and coconut filling
$27 (6-in.), $43 (8-in.), $61 (10-in.) 

Sonic Cake

Chocolate flourless cake flavored with coffee and covered in Belgian chocolate glaze
$22 (6-in.), $38 (8-in.), $50 (10-in.)

Triple Chocolate-Mocha Mousse Cake

Coffee almond meringue, with layers of dark-chocolate mousse, milk-chocolate-mocha mousse and white-chocolate mousse
$28 (6-in.), $45 (8-in.), $65 (10-in.)

Pyramid Cake

Chocolate-almond cake, almond cake, ganache and hazelnut buttercream
$26 (small, serves 6)
$48 (large, serves 12)

Coconut-Lime Cake

Vanilla cake doused with coconut milk, layered with lime custard and covered in whipped cream and coconut flakes
$26 (6-in.), $42 (8-in.), $60 (10-in.)

Old-Fashioned Chocolate Cake

Three layers of chocolate cake filled with chocolate truffle and chocolate buttercream
$26 (6-in.), $42 (8-in.), $60 (10-in.)

Maple Old-Fashioned Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake, chocolate truffle and maple buttercream
$26 (6-in.), $42 (8-in.), $60 (10-in.)

Carrot Cake

With walnuts and cream cheese filling
$26 (6-in.), $42 (8-in.), $60 (10-in.)

Mixed-Berry Brown Butter Tart

A cookie crust baked with nutty custard and fruit
$18 (small), $22 (large)

Key Lime Pie



6-inch cake serves 5-6 people

8-inch cake serves 10-12

10-inch cake serves 16-20

small tart serves 6

large tart serves 8-10

Small Pastries

French Macaron

Assorted flavors
$1.50 each


$1.50 (small), $2.75 (large)

Cream Puffs

$1.25 (small), $2.25 (large)


Thin almond cake layered with coffee buttercream and chocolate. 

Chocolate Mice

Chocolate truffles with almonds, covered in chocolate. 

Honey Bee Cake

Vanilla cake topped with French honey buttercream. Dipped in chocolate & topped with a buttercream-almond honeybee.

Viennese Platter

An assortment of small pastries. Makes a grand finish to a special meal. Platters include seasonal pastries, plus the following:
Eclairs, Opera and Cream Puffs
$3.25 per person (2 pieces per person)
minimum order: 10 people

Sheet Cakes

  • One-third sheet
    (serves 20-25), $68

  • One-half sheet
    (serves 35-40), $100

  • Two-thirds sheet
    (serves 55-65), $140

  • Full sheet
    (serves 85-100), $195

Our sheet cakes include two layers of cake, one layer of filling and icing. Once you've picked a size, choose cake flavor, filling and frosting

Cake choices:

  • Chocolate

  • Vanilla

Filling choices:

  • Chocolate mousse

  • Chocolate-raspberry mousse

  • Raspberries and cream

  • Vanilla buttercream

  • Chocolate buttercream

  • Raspberry buttercream

  • Hazelnut buttercream

  • Coffee buttercream

Buttercream frosting choices: 

  • Vanilla

  • Chocolate

  • Raspberry

  • Hazelnut

  • Coffee